Social Media Endangers Some Business Owners

oklahoma city bodyguard serviceThere’s a growing trend of business owners being robbed late at night at their place of business or at their residence when they arrive home late at night. Investigations into this activity have shown many of these business owners have been profiled from business social media sites such as Manta, Google Plus, and other popular sites where business owners may list business address and their home address in some cases. Once they have been targeted for a robbery the suspects may use surveillance to learn their daily activities such as trips to the bank, time of deposits and their home address. In other instance the suspects plant GPS tracker on the business owners vehicles in order to track them. Most attacks and robberies happen in the victim’s driveway or garage when arriving home late at night. The attackers will then force the business owner to show them where the cash and valuables are stored.

What you can do to protect yourself

Don’t use your home address: When listing your business don’t use your home address. If you need to list an additional address use a post office box. This helps prevent the attackers from getting your address from a social media site.

Vary your routine: You can make it difficult to predict what you are going to do and where you are going to be by varying your routine. This means taking a different route to home and work every day, or every other day. Change up your schedule for bank deposits, arrival to work, and leaving for home.

Be aware of your surroundings: Make a note of someone you see hanging around your business or cars that always seem to be parked around your business, especially late at night. Pay attention to traffic and be on the look out for anyone following you while making a trip to the bank or on your way home. If you think you are being followed, keep driving in a well populated area and call the police.

Have your car checked for GPS devices: If see someone lurking around your vehicle or suspect a GSP device may have been planted on it, contact a private investigator or the police to have it thoroughly checked for tracking devices.

Hire a bodyguard: A bodyguard can escort you to your vehicle late at night if you don’t feel safe or there is an active threat. A bodyguard can also follow you to your residence and make sure you make it home safe.  In most cases a bodyguard agency will charge a monthly or weekly fee for this which is much less than their per hour charge. I offer bodyguard services in the Oklahoma City and Edmond area that cover situations such as this.

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