Infidelity – Some Advice From An Oklahoma City Private Investigator

Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity causes a lot of emotions; anxiety, fear, anger, rage, and depression. Infidelity has a lot of tell tale signs such as:

Emotional Distance:
They suddenly aren’t as affectionate, or seem apathetic and indifferent about their marriage.

Physical Distance:
They start sitting further away from you or may start sleeping more towards the edge of the bed. If they were likely to hold hands or have their arm around you while out in public, this might suddenly stop. This is a response that a cheater has to start distancing themselves from the marriage.

Changes in Schedule:
Their schedule starts to change – they might start going into work earlier or working later. If this happens with their work schedule you might start keeping track of the milage on their vehicle and compare it to the distance they travel to work. This might gives some clues that they might be going elsewhere before or after work.

A sudden interest in their appearance
They might start buying new clothes or get a gym membership and start working out. Another indication is that they suddenly start chewing a lot of gum or breath mints.

Changes with their cell phone
They might put a passcode on their phone or start keeping it put away out of view. Another sign is that they start texting more, clearing out histories and start making excuses to make short trips to places like the gas station or the grocery store. The reality is that they are making phone calls to the person they are having an affair with.

Unexplained doctors appointments or medications
Cheaters aren’t very smart and in some cases they might contract a sexually transmitted disease. The clues to this are bills to the doctors office or prescriptions they are hiding from you.

Know the verbal clues and the language they use:

Sure, sometimes ‘left’ is the only word you can use in a situation, but there’s some kind of drama involved when they use it in place of another word that will do (think: “I left the work at six” vs. “I went home at six”)

The big thing to look out for is when they say “never” when “no” will do. It’s a sign he’s overcompensating. For example, if you ask, “Did you just check out that person?” and they say, “Never!”

Like never, it depends on how they use it. If they put “that” in front of a noun, like “that woman” or “that man,” it’s a subconscious attempt for him to distance himself from the word. This is a common trick of manipulators.

If they skip “no” and goes straight to “I would never do something like that!” when talking about a past event, be wary. For example, “Are you still talking to your ex?” “I would never do that to you!” “Would never” suggests that they plan to do it in the future.

“By the way…”
Liars use phrases like this to try to minimize what they say next-but usually it’s what’s most important to the story. Pay extra attention to what they say afterward.

Liars usually try to downplay what they say with this word, so pay attention when they say something like, “I know this is going to sound strange, but…” or “I know you think I’m lying, but…”

“Why would I do that?”
It’s a favorite stalling line of liars, so they can buy a little time to work out what to say next. These phrases also fit the bill: “What kind of person do you think I am?”, “Are you calling me a liar?”, and “I knew this was going to happen to me!”

What can you do?

If you think your spouse is cheating, then give them room. As the saying goes, give them enough rope to hang themselves. Let them have their night on the town with the boys or girls and then call a us to place them under surveillance. We can get the proof you need to determine if they are having an affair. If they want to cheat, there’s nothing you can do to stop a cheater – they will find a way. You either trust your spouse or you don’t, and that’s not about them, it’s about you.

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