Private Investigation Work

It’s been a while since I posted on here, as a matter of fact I’ve been so busy I forgot about this entirely. I’m one of many private investigators in Oklahoma City, and the competition is ruthless and tough. This year I’ve had a month long surveillance I’ve been working that finally came to a close two weeks ago. I’m finally getting caught up with the business side of running a private investigation agency.

Some new additions in the past year are a Black Lab and a Blue Heeler. The Lab has a laid back personality, but the Heeler is a firecracker. The Heeler is 8 months old and starting to get develop a sense of what’s acceptable and what’s not.

Back to the business of being a private investigator – I’ve started 3 new brands, and I’m working on developing an association for private investigators. I suspect I’ll probably run into some setbacks with this considering there’s an existing association, but it looks inactive judging by the web site, and I don’t see or hear about any legislative involvement from it. I’ve also started a private investigator YouTube channel. I’m also working on starting a private investigator podcast.

That’s all for now – oh yea, I’m still working on a sign off. I need to figure that out.


Ikea doesn’t like guns or cops

Takoma Park Police Chief Alan Goldberg said in 35 years in law enforcement he’s never had a store tell him that he would have to leave his service weapon in the car or leave — especially when he was in his police uniform.

But that’s what happened July 4 in the Ikea in College Park when Goldberg had stopped in with his daughter.