Oklahoma Private Investigator

In addition to the many private investigative services I offer in the Oklahoma area, I also offer litigation support for attorneys to assist with building their cases. Litigation support is often a higher level of research that determines scientific facts or tracking down certain information that is needed with the attorney’s case.

The most popular litigation support services I frequently provide in the Oklahoma City area are:

Finding a current address: This is often used to track down witnesses or in some cases defendants.

Finding historical addresses: Often used to track down where an individual has been and is useful for interviewing their past friends and neighbors in background checks.

Finding a date of birth: Useful information in some court cases.

Determining know aliases: This is helpful when connecting activities of an individual where they may have used a fake name.

Finding of confirming a social security number: This assists with identification, especially useful in identity theft cases.

Locating birth records: Birth records are useful in adoption cases, tracking genealogy, and in some cases identity theft.

Locating death records: Death records are useful in adoption cases, tracking genealogy, and in some cases identity theft.

Locating marriage records: I often have to do this with divorce cases, and in some cases probate cases.

Locating divorce records: Divorce records are often needed in background checks, probate, and child support cases.

Trash collection and investigation: Digging through the trash yields an amazing amount of information about someone.

Locating beneficiaries: This is during a probate case.

Research current or historical property holdings: I do this during divorce cases, background checks and asset searches.

Identify mortgaged property and lien holders: Divorce cases, probate and asset searches.

Determine who secured lenders are: Divorce cases, probate and asset searches.

Identify related party property transactions: Divorce cases, probate, background checks and business mergers.

Determine current market value of real property: Divorce cases, probate, asset searches, background checks, business mergers.

Locate bankruptcy filings: divorce cases, probate, asset searches, background checks, credit reports, and business mergers.

Improper relationships and infidelity: Corporate investigations, divorce cases, criminal cases, and civil cases.

Locate federal civil law suits: background checks, premarital investigations, bankruptcy cases, and divorce cases.

Investigate federal civil and criminal records: This is used during many types of cases, but mostly background checks.

Obtain mug shots from arrest records: This is often needed to confirm the identity of the person we are investigating, especially for a background check.

Provide an independent analysis: I provide this most often in computer forensic cases.

Locate state and local criminal arrest records: Most often used in background checks and premarital investigations.

Trace home and cell phone numbers: This can determine who called from a home or cell phone.

Determine corporation owners: This is useful during civil law suits and business mergers.

Locate and interview current or former executives: I do this for corporate investigations, background checks, business mergers, and civil law suits.

Retrieve and analyze corporate records: I do this for corporate investigations, background checks, business mergers, and civil law suits.

Locate and interview witnesses for a criminal or civil law suit: This is a popular service I provide on a regular basis.

Find assets: This is often needed during divorce cases, probate, background checks, and civil or criminal investigations.

Intelligence gathering: This can be done for businesses or individuals. It’s most often called surveillance.

Determine connections between parties: This can be utilized in many investigations.

Locate bank account information: I provide this on background checks, premarital investigations, civil cases and probate cases.

Research social media activity: Used in many cases like divorce cases, infidelity cases, civil and criminal cases.

Confirm previous employment history: Popular for background checks.

Locate a missing person: often referred to as skip tracing.

Conduct surveillance: useful in many cases such as infidelity, fraud, and criminal cases.

Identify Risks: This can be done for corporate investigations, home security, or financial situations.

Locate and verify professional licenses: This is useful for background checks.

Testify as an expert witness: I do this is computer forensic cases.

Act as a bodyguard: I do this during divorce cases, VPO hearings, civil and criminal cases.

Due diligence searches: This is used during many cases where one respondent is unable to be reached.

Identify Fraud: This is useful during accident cases, insurance cases, as well as civil and criminal cases.

These are just a few of the many ways I can assist an attorney with their cases. If you would like to discuss your case, please contact Joe Sullivan at 405-796-6548

Joe Sullivan is an Oklahoma Private Investigator